Thanks Cindy, Daisy loves you all, too.  You are such wonderful people and Daisy and I are forever grateful for finding you.


- Eva

Cindy, I turned on the water this morning to investigate the leak and I’m relieved to see that it shouldn’t be a major repair.  Unfortunately my plumber can’t get here until Monday, but I’ve already cut into the drywall and capped the line myself.  I can’t run the washing machine but can take a shower in the meantime.

I am very impressed that Jim heard the water running, recognized the problem, quickly reacted to call me, and was able to turn off the main water line at the side of the street.  It was 1-2-3 and done so quick that I couldn’t have talked my wife through the steps as fast.  I’m glad we can rely on you to watch our dogs and house while we’re traveling. 



Thank you so much for taking care of our darlings. You are the best!. We love you.

- Chris & Margot

Thanks for taking such good care of Yogi. You're the best pet sitter in Dunwoody.

- Shari & Bruce

Caitlin will be our first call the next time we need someone to watch our cat. Sophie demands it. Caitlin came over to see Sophie each evening while we were gone for over a week on vacation. While she was here, Caitlin fed her, gave her allergy pills and shots, and sent us photos of Sophie sitting in her lap or hugging her neck. Sophie looked so happy, it appeared she did not even miss us. She's the best pet sitter we have ever had. Thank you Caitlin for doing a wonderfull job with our kitty.

- Rachel and Renee in Dunwoody

Dunwoody Pet Sitting has been a great help to our family. They is reliable and dependable. Missy is in great hands with our sitter.

- Michele and Jessie in Dunwoody

"Thank you so much for your help and flexibility with Mickey the last few months. Being able to count on you and have someone able to help with my sweet boy really made it possible for me to balance my schedule.

Mickey will miss you all dearly, but we look forward to running into you at Brook Run"

- Love Synthia & Mickey

"Thank you for visiting while our mommy was out of town. This was our first experience with sitters and it was nice to stay home with familiar smells."

- Love Teddy, Lucy & Suzie

"Thanks so much for taking such great care of our darling Tara and for looking after the house. You're The Best".

- Margot from Dunwoody

"Thanks for the great job taking care of our "enthusiastic" dogs, Daisey and Rusty, old man Woody, and Tabitha the cat! It was an even better week at the beach knowing that they were in great hands (and at a reasonable price). I will highly recommend you to others! Thanks!".

- Lani from Dunwoody

The Dunwoody Pet Sitters have taken great care pets. Loki and Wyah are my two dogs that are under great care of Cindy and her team. My two cats are also well looked after. Thanks Dunwoody Pet Sitting for your helping me out when I had to leave town on short notice. I highly recommend them.

- Pat from Dunwoody